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Motivation for your life goals.

Our games make it fun to reach your goals.

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Lose weight the fun way.

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Be active every day.

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Make running a habit.

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Work out more.

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The WayBetter Way

Our goal is to bring people together to turn the hard work of habit change into a fun social experience. Heres how we do it.

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Manageable goals

Set realistic goals that are possible to achieve with the right amount of effort.

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Social support

Transform your life with others and receive inspiration and encouragement from people trying to do the same.

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Financial incentives

Play to win, with money rewards for achievers. We thoughtfully acknowledge your accomplishments.

We help you build healthy habits every day.

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Feel good in your body

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Weight loss is really tough—so stop taking it on by yourself. Join a game that gives you motivation to make healthy choices at every single meal, with a community of other players ready to lift you up when you struggle and cheer you on when you succeed.

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Make your steps count

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Think beyond just workouts with games designed to inject more activity into every hour of your day.

Choose the stairs over the elevator, go for a walk while you're on the phone, and build a balanced, active lifestyle that inspires others to move more.

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Just your speed

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Reach your running goals with RunBet training programs designed by an expert running coach with 21 marathons under her belt.

Go from zero to 5K, train for a long race, or just start a regular running habit with a variety of different games meant to take you to your personal finish line.

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Sweat it out

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Get in the best shape of your life with expertly-designed workout plans that give you no excuse to quit.

You’ll break a sweat and get that euphoric post-workout exhaustion…and then wake up the next day motivated to do it again (from the comfort of your home, no equipment needed).

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What our players have to say

Round picture of Haley.
Haley H.
Perth, Australia

I can genuinely enjoy life now. I can go out with friends and have fun without my weight being a barrier anymore.

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Lurel W.
Salt Lake City, UT

Not only is it great motivation to get my butt out there when I dont want to but getting paid on top of that is awesome!

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Round picture of Shannon.
Nashville, TN

I used to run half marathons, but after an injury I gained 40 lbs, and I’d been unmotivated until I found StepBet. I’m so much more motivated now!

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